Gospel holiness is no less than the image of God stamped upon the heart; it is no other than the whole mind which was in Christ Jesus, it consists of all heavenly affections and tempers mingled together in one.

(John Wesley)




WELCOME to our holiness library. We invite you to spend hours reading and researching these valuable works from noted scholars and authors from four centuries of theological and spiritual writings on subjects relating to holiness. Writers with differing viewpoints are included in this library so that the serious student of holiness can weigh the evidences and form conclusions he or she believes to be in harmony with the Scriptures.


THIS library is a work in progress. Additional titles will be added as they become available. You may request electronic files of works that are in the public domain by contacting the church.


Our Holiness Library

Our HOLINESS LIBRARY is the main feature on our website. Holiness is probably the best kept secrete in Christendom; it is seldom mentioned and it is understood much less. But holiness is of utmost importance in the mind of God for the New Testament says that without holiness no one can see God. (Hebrews 12:14)

Included in our LIBRARY are literary works and essays that approach holiness from differing viewpoints and deal with the doctrinal issues surrounding holiness. It is our design to add as many classic works on holiness as we can obtain over time.

May God open your understanding and speak to your heart as you read though these volumes.


Christian Perfection

Included in this section are books and articles dealing with the topic of Christian Perfection from the Wesleyan-Arminian perspective.


Church of God Literature

This section of our website is dedicated to literature and music of the Church of God Reformation. This is not a complete collection of Church of God literature, but a sampling of works written over a century to express and define what sincere and dedicated people thought it meant to be the Church of God. They did not all agree, but their views are important to assess the validity of what we understand to be the truth of God's Word.


Important works of Theology

Included here are historic theological works beginning with the Works of James Arminius and including significant Wesleyan-Arminian theologians of the 18th and 19th Centuries.


Contemporary Church of God Literature


This section contains books and articles written  by D. F. Bayless, Pastor of the Lawton Church of God.

Church History

Selected works on the history of the Christian church are included here.