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Few Bible doctrines have been more maligned and misrepresented than Christian Perfection. Dr. Asa Mahan, D.D. was one of the most able champions and examples of that glorious truth the church has seen.

Sanctified, while President of Oberlin College, he infused students and faculty with an insatiable desire to “spread scriptural holiness over these lands.” He was mightily used of God in winning thousands to Christ and holiness.

Dr. Mahan was an Englishman, well qualified by education and experience to write and teach the “deep things of God.” He was contemporary with many of the great souls of the 19th century, Charles G. Finney the great revivalist, Dr. Daniel Steele and many others.

“Christian Perfection” is a small book, but it has been much sought after by saintly scholars. It is being reproduced unabridged through the good providence of God and the kindness of W. Reed of Wales who has loaned his copy for this reprint.  

The Reverend H. E. Schmul

124 Georgetown Rd.

Salem , Ohio

LONDON , DEC. 1, 1874.



It is now about forty years since, after the most careful and prayerful examination of the Word of God upon the subject, I embraced the views set forth in my work, entitled “Christian Perfection.” All my subsequent examinations, and all my observations of facts, from that period to the present, have tended but in one direction—to confirm and render absolute my confidence in the truth and supreme importance of those views. Our SAVIOUR has, Himself, stated definitely the condition on which the world will come to know, that “he came forth from God.” “I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them as thou hast loved me.” My life-labours are, therefore, supremely directed to this one end—“the perfecting of the saints.”  

Yours in the hands of Christ,