Title and Author



Christ's Triumphal Reign

Herbert M. Riggle


This booklet is an apology for the present reign of Christ in the present Kingdom of God, the church,  as opposed to the belief in a future, millennial reign of Christ on the earth.


Salvation, Present, Perfect, Now or Never

D. S. Warner


This booklet is an in depth dissertation by D. S. Warner on the subject of salvation and the necessity of holiness. 

The Church of God

D. S. Warner


This booklet is a systematic presentation of the Biblical doctrine of the church, the church of God. Each chapter is headed with a question about the church which is followed by Scriptural texts and short commentary.



Marriage and Divorce

D. S. Warner


The topic of marriage is straight-forward in the Bible. The hard questions come with the idea of divorce. What does God accept; what does God NOT accept. This was a problem that was all too present in Warner's day, and it is worse in our day. Nevertheless, the teachings of the Bible do not change to suit the times.

In this booklet, Warner deals first with the standard for marriage and divorce and then compassionately deals with those who have divorce in their past.


Two Works of Grace

H. M. Riggle


Written in 1900, this booklet is essentially a presentation of the Wesleyan-Holiness, or Second Blessing, concept of salvation from sin. Riggle presents an exhaustive argument consisting mostly of Scripture texts augmented with commentary.

Riggle explains that two works of grace are necessary because sin exists in two formed: inherited and committed. Justification deals with committed sin and sanctification deals with inherited sin.




Jacob W. Byers


Jacob Byers was an early Church of God Pioneer Minister. This booklet on Sanctification is a concise presentation of the doctrine as taught by the Church in its early days. Byers covers everything he comprehends to be essential in the Christians experience: Sanctification, Consecration, Perfection, and Holiness.

Byers' main focus is on the contrast between the life of depravity and sin and the holiness of the saved life, which is only possible through the experience of entire sanctification. There is a strong emphasis of two works of grace with two cleansings.


Parent and Child

Jacob W. Byers


This booklet was was written to instruct and encourage parents in the raising of their children. Written in the first half of the Twentieth Century, Byers speaks of the evil and difficulty of raising children at that time. Things have not gotten better!

The principle point of the booklet is the necessity to raise children in obedience to the law of the home. Instruction is essential, but so is discipline.

The writing may seem dated and some of the means of discipline outdated. It is a good and productive read and contains a lesson of great value for parents raising precious children in our time.



Bible Humility

Jacob W. Byers


Self-respect is important to every individual, but self-love to the extent of selfish pride makes submission to the will of God difficult, if not impossible. Byers examines true humility from the Biblical viewpoint and shows that it involves both the will of the human and the grace of God. The benefits of true humility are heavenly. 




Sanctification, A Definite Cleansing

Allison F. Barnard

Brother Barnard expresses a typical Church of God explanation of the doctrine and experience of entire sanctification. While some readers may disagree, in part or in total, with Brother Barnard's explanation, it will provide an insight into the "Seventh Seal" fascination with and passion for this teaching.


Rays of Hope

D. O. Teasley


This book was written to provide encouragement for those fighting the battles of everyday life. Doubts and fears undermine the faith and experience of many of God's people. This does not have to be! The gospel offers hope of a relationship with God that can, and will, overcome all those struggles.



The Church

T. E. Howard


This booklet, written in 1944, is a collection of articles and essays on the nature of the church of God and some of the organizational issues the church was facing at this time. This is an insightful and provocative work that will challenge the thinking of church of God people on a subject that is very dear to them.

"Seventh Seal" writers attacked the Church of God Reformation Movement for its laps into worldliness, man-rule, and dependence upon educating ministers. Brother Howard deals with issues that are fundamental and that have continued to plague the church since his time.


An Appeal to the Free and Autonomous Churches of Christ in the Fellowship of the Evening Light

G. P. Tasker


Brother Tasker served as a missionary to India. His intent was never to be a controversial person, but it so happened that some of his views on sanctification and the nature of the church were at crossed purpose to the conventional thinking of the Church of God, Anderson, at the time. Brother Tasker was eventually censured for his views and recalled from his mission work in India--however, he remained there under his own auspices.

This booklet contains the correspondence between Brother Tasker and the Missionary Board that lead to the separation. While strong feelings are evident, the reader must look beyond those feelings to the nature of the facts. It may be both sides were wrong and both sides were right. Brother Tasker eventually was welcomed back into the fellowship of the Church of God, Anderson.




The Teachings of  D. S. Warner and his Associates

C. W. Naylor

This booklet is actually a paper written by Brother Naylor for the benefit of the Ministers of the Church of God around 1940. It is a reflection upon the place of the Reformation Movement in prophecy. Some of Brother Naylor's conclusions undoubtedly added to charges of apostasy against the Movement by Seventh Trumpet ministers such as Goodnight and Lawson. Are Brother Naylor's conclusions really apostate?


The Three Temples

J. F. Lawson

This booklet by J. F. Lawson uses the symbolism of the the Jewish Temple to describe three conditions of the Church of God in the Church Age. He dwells largely on the Herodian Temple likening it to the apostasy that affected the Church of God Movement in the mid-Twentieth Century. He speaks out loudly against church organization and the college training of ministers. Some readers may not appreciate his perspective, but there is something to consider in what he writes. 


The Battle of Armageddon

Lawrence J. Chesnut


Written in 1948, this booklet is based on a series of radio messages delivered by Brother Chesnut. The true nature of the Battle of Armageddon is revealed from the Scriptures disproving the notion of a literal battle as taught by the proponents of dispensational premillennialism.



True Bible Tongues

Lawrence J. Chesnut

This booklet was distilled from a series of sermons preached by Brother Chesnut in 1948. He discusses the gift of tongues as taught in the Bible and reviews the tongues event on the Day of Pentecost experienced by the early Church. One of his theses is that the modern Pentecostal demonstration of "unknown tongues" is not the biblical gift of tongues


Twentieth Chapter of Revelation Explained

Lawrence J. Chesnut


Brother Chesnut wrote this booklet in 1954. In this work he gives the standard explanation of the Twentieth Chapter of Revelation held by most Church of God teachers at that time. He explains away the teaching of millennialism and presents a much more realistic explanation. Thanks to Norma Sutter for contributing this booklet to our collection


The Sabbath, Mosaic and Christian

Lawrence J. Chesnut



This booklet was compiled from a series of radio broadcasts given by Brother Chesnut in 1959. It looks at the entire scope of the Sabbath, its origin, those who were required to observe the Sabbath, misconceptions and errors in modern teaching of Sabbath keeping, and what the Christian "sabbath" really is.



What The Bible Teaches About The Second Cleansing

Cecil Monroe Washington

This booklet is a scholarly treatise on the subject of the second cleansing. Brother Washington was an African American college professor who embraced the the teachings of the Church of God Reformation. Although God took him at a premature age, the few booklets and tapes of Brother Washington's lectures are invaluable.


What The Bible Teaches About Speaking In Tongues

Cecil M. Washington 



Dr. Washington makes a thorough examination of the Bible teaching on tongues and exposes the Pentecostal concept of speaking in tongues as the "initial, physical evidence" of the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

Worshipping Christ

W. S. Goodnight


This booklet, written in 1945, is significant because it deals with some issues that were developing at a critical time in the contemporary history of the church. The revival/restoration movement, typified by The Gospel Trumpet and the teachings of Daniel S. Warner, had experienced some divisions of fellowship and some differences of opinion as to what constitutes salvation, holiness, and the church of God. The booklet is presented in the original writing of Brother Goodnight and a version edited to correct the grammar and readability of the work.


The Kingdom and the Church

W. S. Goodnight



Goodnight was a reformer of the Church of God movement in the 1940s and 1950s. He along with several other ministers believed that prophetic time had reached the Seventh Seal of the Book of Revelation and together they pioneered what was called the Seventh Trumpet message. These booklets by Goodnight are indicative of the message they preached.


Are We Living in the Days of the Antichrist Spirits that Were to Come

W. S. Goodnight


One will note that a great deal of Brother Goodnight's vision and message was directed against what the Seventh Trumpet brethren believed was the apostasy of Church of God Movement centered in Anderson, Indiana. Surely, much of the criticism was correct but rather than reforming the movement, the Seventh Trumpet message lead to a "coming out" of a great number of congregations from that Movement forming fellowships of independent congregations.


The Church Divinely Organized and Divinely Governed

W. S. Goodnight


In this booklet, Goodnight speaks out against the organizing of the Church of God movement, such as the General Ministerial Assembly in Anderson, IN. Unfortunately, his message about the "organized" church is somewhat confusing.


The Reformation

J. F. Lawson

In this booklet J. F. Lawson presents the traditional Church-Historic explanation of the Book of Revelation from the Early Church to the Sixth Seal in which the Church of God Reformation Movement figures largely. At this point Lawson describes what he believed were the apostate conditions of that Movement and affirms that the prophetic time in history had changed from the Sixth Seal to the Seventh Seal.


Why Shouldst Thou Die Before Thy Time?

Grace G. Henry



A short booklet by Sister Henry on the subject of divine healing. Thoughtfully, written, the book is neither fanatical nor dogmatic, but laced with good, commonsense practical advice on faith. 

The Second Cleansing

Everett I. Carver

Brother Carver's booklet on the second cleansing is an excellent presentation of the topic. He presents Scriptural arguments for the teaching and uses several interesting analogies to clarify the teaching. Also included in this booklet is a "heart chart" that graphically illustrates the teaching.


The Seven Churches of Asia

J. F. Lawson

In this booklet Brother Lawson treats the letters to the seven churches of Asia in an interesting fashion. He describes the geography of each city and relates pertinent historical facts from which he deduces spiritual applications for the seven period of the Christian dispensation.


What Is Babylon?

J. F. Lawson

In this booklet, Brother Lawson deals at length with the meaning of "Babylon" as it is used in the Book of Revelation. He deduces certain characteristics for this term from the history of ancient Babylon, finds those characteristics duplicated in Old Testament prophecy, and applies them to church history, showing that apostasy and organization in the realm of the church produces the conditions of spiritual Babylon. This booklet is not dated but internal evidence suggests that it may have been written in the later 1950s because Brother Lawson makes grim predictions about the influence of communism and the World Council of Churches on all Christian churches and denominations.

While some readers might be offended by some of Brother Lawson's comments and some will not agree with his institutional definitions of Babylon, this booklet gives insight into some of the thinking behind the Seventh Trumpet message, which Brother Lawson helped to develop.


What Will We Do With Jesus?

John D. Harmon


Written in 1942, Brother Harmon asks the professed Church of God, "What will you do with Jesus?" His concern that "man-rule" was taking over the Church of God Movement centered on Anderson, Indiana. He gives illustrations of how the church in history prospered when God set the leaders in place and not men. He believed that a return to that model would help in the restoration of the evening time church.



Tea and Coffee As An Evil

W. J. Henry


The booklet was published by the Gospel Trumpet Publishing Company in 1897. At this time the Church of God Reformation Movement took a stand against tea and coffee placing them on the same level as liquor and narcotics. It is included here for his historical value.

Bro. Henry employs extensive quotes from medical authorities of the time to support this belief. The booklet is interesting. There may be some who still believe this way about tea and coffee; most do not.