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OH, THE rapturous charm of music! What power in its spirit-chords of subduing harmony to soften, melt, enchain! Truly there is wonderful power in music. It calls the religious devotee to worship, the patriot to his country’s altar, the philanthropist to his generous work. It elevates, empowers, and strengthens. Who does not know the softening power of music, especially the music of the human voice.

The human voice is the most perfect musical instrument ever made, and well it might be, for it had the most skilful Maker. The voice should be cultivated to sing the tones of love to man and God, to sing the beautiful songs of Zion. At the altar of God it should pour forth melodious praise. How sweet it makes the worship of God to have the reverent emotions poured out in song! Children should be taught to sing; for what is sweeter than the songs of innocent childhood, so refining, so refreshing, so suggestive of heaven?

Music sweetens the cup of bitterness, softens the hand of want, lightens the burden of life, makes the heart courageous and the soul cheerfully devout. Into the soul of childhood and youth it pours a tide of redeeming influence. The “sweet singer of Israel” wedded his sincerest prayers to melody and wafted them upward on the night air from his throbbing heart. In the soul that has been touched and made tender by pain, music finds a place where it may murmur its sweetest chords.

Music is healthful. There is no better cure for bad humors. We know of nothing more genial and heart-warming than to hear the whole family joining in a hymn or song. They will love each other and their home better for it. The hymn sung by a mother to her little boy may in after-days be a voice that will recall him from ruin. No family can afford to do without music. When rightly used, its effects, physical, intellectual, and moral, are good, very good, and only good.

The Almighty hath made man to sing songs of praise to him throughout all eternity. Yes, there will be music in heaven.