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WE SHOULD be very careful how we judge others. The great misfortune arising from a disposition to judge others and meddle with their affairs consists in its being void of genuine philanthropy. Men and women are apt to look at others through a smoked glass, that they may avoid the brightness of the good qualities and discover more clearly the bad. Such a disposition as this is a destroyer of reputation, the bane of peace in society, the murderer of innocence, a curse to a community, and a disgrace to our species.

Let each reader examine and see if this propensity, so deep rooted in human nature, is exercising an influence over his or her mind. If so, banish it from your bosom, as you would a deadly viper. Let its enormity be held up to children by parents and teachers, that they may learn to dread, despise, and avoid it. Teach them charity, forbearance, forgiveness, and all the virtues that adorn our race.

“Let us not therefore judge one another any more” (Romans 14:13).