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GOD IS a lover of beauty. He fashioned the worlds in beauty when there was no eye to behold them but his own. The forest, the cliff, the mountain, the tree—each is a statue of beauty. Every leaf, stem, vine, and flower is a form of beauty; every hill and dale and landscape is a picture of beauty. There are many other beautiful things I shall not attempt to mention here; enough has been said to prove that God is a lover of beauty.

The highest style of beauty to be found in nature is the human form animated and lighted up by the intelligence within. In speaking of beauty one is apt to think of a comely form and a pretty face. But these soon fade away. I like to think of the beauty found in the child or adult which shines out of a noble life and a good character. This is a lasting beauty; it perisheth not. It forms the white robe of the saints. It wreathes the countenance of every doer of good. It adorns every honest face. It shines in the virtuous life. It molds the hands of charity. It sweetens the voice of sympathy. It sparkles on the brow of wisdom. It flashes in the eye of love. It breathes in the spirit of piety. It is that which may grow by the hand of culture in every human soul. It is the flower of the spirit.

This beauty is placed within the reach of us all. We may all be beautiful though our forms may he uncomely and our features not the prettiest; our spirits may he beautiful and this inward beauty always shines through. A beautiful heart will flash out in the eye. A lovely soul will glow in the face. A sweet spirit will tune the voice and wreathe the countenance in charms. Oh, there is power in interior beauty! It changes not with the features and fades not with the years. It can be relied upon.

A pretty woman pleases the eye, but a good woman does more—she pleases the heart. The one is a jewel, the other a treasure. It is beauty of soul and character that is most to be desired. It is possible for some to possess both. If you are blest with pretty form and feature, you can also possess the greater beauty—that of the godly, Spirit-filled, and perfect loveliness that a saint possesses.

Dear reader, if you wish to be beautiful, live a life free from sin, love God above everything, ever he found doing his blessed will, and you will be beautiful.