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FLIRTING is making love as a pastime. It is a lack of earnestness or due respect and should not be indulged in by respectable girls and boys. Flirting is an outrage upon the most holy and exalted feeling of the human soul and the most sacred and important relation of life. The refined soul is always disgusted with it. It is very demoralizing in its tendency and low and base in its character.

There is much trifling courting among the young in some portions of the country, carried on sometimes when the young man means nothing but present pleasure and sometimes when the young woman has no other object in view. The results are often disastrous. Such courting is confined mostly to young men and women before they are of age. Some who are questionable characters flirt after they are older, I am sorry to say. There is no excuse for such actions, and these should be frowned upon by decent, respectable persons of any and all ages.

Young man, let all your dealings with women be frank, honest, and noble. Treat every woman you meet as you would wish another man to treat your innocent, confiding sister. Young lady, take warning.