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DO NOT dress showily, beyond your means, in such a way as to attract attention, or so that people will notice your dress more than you. Dress for health and comfort.

Do not flirt. Flirting is a horrid outrage upon the most holy and exalted feelings of the human soul and the most sacred and important relations of life.

Do not dance. I have often wondered how girls who have any self-respect can yield themselves, especially when attired in the flimsy costume of a ballroom, to the embrace of strange men whose morals may be worse than doubtful. It does not seem fit that the body of a young lady, meant to be the temple of the Holy Ghost, should be whirled through the maze of a waltz by one whose linen may be spotless but whose soul is dark with the ruin of some of your sisters—sisters who, though fallen now, were once “white as the beautiful snow.” You should have nothing to do with intemperate and dissolute young men.

Music is elevating, and the ability to produce it is a delightful accomplishment. Do not neglect music.

Take advantage of every opportunity for reading, selecting such books as will give you suitable training and practical information for a good, useful, and noble life. Do not read novels, when there are so many good books you can read.

Miss L. Hagerty once wrote: “The sweetest girl I ever knew was gentle, cheerful, bright, and true.” Any girl possessing these qualities is sure to be considered “a sweet and charming girl.” If she is gentle in her manner and her dress, gentle toward the sick and the aged; not a giggling, boisterous, foolish girl, but a gentle, reserved, and refined maiden: cheerful at all times and under all circumstances, always hopeful and striving to make others happy; witty, but never sarcastic, and true—true to herself, true to her parents, true to her friends, and true to her God—who could help calling such a maiden “the sweetest girl”!

Reader, do you possess these qualities? If not, begin at once to attain them. It is possible.