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IT IS a good thing for parents and children to be good friends. It is the correct thing for a young man to show respect to his father. Not to do so does not lessen the father’s dignity, but shows that the son does not know what is good form. A young girl should give her mother the deference due her. It is undeniable that the young sometimes possess qualities their elders have not, talents being inborn. A girl may be a better housekeeper than her mother, a better accountant, or be more accomplished; but if she exhibits her talents in such a way as to imply a contempt for her mother, it will only make onlookers dislike her in spite of her ability.

Remember that to be a good son or a good daughter is a lovable trait, and inclines others to like you. The old adage that “a good son makes a good husband” is so true that no one can afford to forget it. It is good for children to speak even more lovingly and respectfully of their parents in their absence than in their presence. This will endear you to others, for it shows a true heart.

It is the correct thing for children to accept their parents’ judgment as worthy of respect, if only because they have traveled so much farther on in life and necessarily know more of its pitfalls and snares. It is good when in society for a young man to give his mother as much attention and show her as much courtesy as if she were his sweetheart. Among highly bred persons you will always find this the custom. At your father’s dinner-table, to let him speak and tell his own tales without your interruption shows good manners. If your generation is much more enlightened than his, it will not justify you in showing him any disrespect; and perhaps, for all you know, the guests may really prefer his conversation.

Be frank, honest, and truthful with your parents. Always be a kind, obedient, loving, dutiful child, and you will never regret it, “Honor thy father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise’’ (Ephesians 6:2).