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IT IS the correct thing to live a straightforward and upright life, to be orderly and decent in everything. This can be done only by the formation of proper habits. Remember that a habit is as easily cultivated as a plant. Daily attention is absolutely essential to success; and if it is given, then success is certain. Without it, of course, nothing can be done. Any taste or inclination can be overcome by resistance persevered in without wavering.

Remember that habits of industry are quite easily acquired by resolution, and that there is no excuse for the man who does not form them. To rich or poor they are essential if anything is to be accomplished during life. A rich man without these habits sinks into obscurity.

Early rising is valuable, not merely because it counteracts the tendency to sloth and enables you to use the best hours of the day for work and study, but also because it prevents that midnight dissipation which is fatal when it becomes habitual.

You should accustom yourself to fulfil your intentions and resolves, if you have determined to rise early, do not let idleness break your determination when the time comes. If you have made certain plans for the day, resolutely carry them out.

A man who has no profession and no occupation should be as exact and punctual in business matters as those whose lives are devoted to business. Never neglect the business matters in connection with your affairs. To do so means too probably ruin at some future day and certainly embarrassment. A rich man should understand the value of money just as well as a poor one. Recollect that there is nothing grand in being cheated or in throwing money away by unbusinesslike proceedings. Those who benefit by it only ridicule you. If you have more money than you need, there are always persons at hand who are in real need and can be benefited by it. You should observe the habits of successful men and endeavor to acquire them. You will find they are careful, watchful, prompt, and exact. In business you can not act in a hurry. You cannot pass over trifles as if of no importance. You can not afford to be dilatory or careless. Be courteous, thoughtful, and pleasant in all your dealings, and last, but not least, be honest.