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PRIDE is like an empty bag. Who can stand such a thing upright? It is hollow and heartless.

Pride is often the effect of ignorance, for pride and folly attend each other. Ignorance and pride keep constant company.

Pride, joined with many virtues, chokes them all. Pride is the bane of happiness.

Pride must have a fall. Solomon said, “Pride goeth before destruction.”

Pride and ill-nature will be hated in spite of all the wealth and greatness in the world.

There is an honest pride, such as makes one ashamed to do an evil act, a degree of self-esteem that makes one above doing an injury to any one; but it is the pride which sets one above his fellows that we depreciate, that spirit which would demand homage to itself as better and greater than others.

Oh the pangs of pride! What misery is here covered up! Smiles abroad, tears at home.

Pride is the ape of Charity. In seeking the one, take heed thou light not upon the other.

Charity feeds the poor, so does Pride; Charity builds a hospital, so does Pride. In this they differ: Charity gives her glory to God; Pride takes her glory from man.