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“Not many lives, but only one, have we,

One, only one;

How sacred should that one life ever be,

That narrow span!”


HAVE you ever thought on the influence of a life? If not, try to realize the marvelous power which by our lives we exert either for good or for evil on those around us. It has been said that “every word man’s tongue hath uttered echoes in God’s skies.” And in like manner the influence of our lives reaches onward to eternity. Ah yes! to live for God is our work; and no human being can say he has no influence.


“Wherever in the world I am,

In whatsoe’er estate,

I have a fellowship with hearts

To keep and cultivate,

And a work of lowly love to do

For the Lord, on whom I wait.”


Dear reader, this necessary element of power belongs to you. Your sphere may be contracted; your influence may be small, but a sphere and influence you surely have. No man can live unto himself. The meshes of a net are not more surely knit together than man to man. We may forget this secret, silent influence; but we are exerting  it by our deeds, by our words and by our very thoughts. And he is wise with a wisdom more than that of earth who seeks to put forth the highest power for good, be his home a hut or a hall, a cabin or a palace.

Here let me say, if you wish to be a blessing to others, ask God to bless and direct you. Only feel that without him you can do nothing, and success will attend your efforts to do whatever our duty. God loves to have us tell him every want and care.


“Now in thy youth beseech of him

Who giveth and upbraideth not.

That his light in thy heart become not dim

And his love be unforgot,

And thy God, in the darkest of days, will be

Greenness and beauty and strength to thee.”